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Afghanistan Economy: Taliban points to improvements since Takeove

The one business still booming in afghanistan is transport, laden with exports from fruits to minerals thousands of trucks can still make their way through the narrow passes and border crossings.

Even this has slowed since the taliban took over in previous years we were transporting and going with our trucks eight to nine trips a month but now we can only do once a month there are no businessmen so there's no one to hire us more afghans are struggling to feed their families than ever before after four decades there is peace but people are still waiting to benefit from it.

Aid reliant economy collapsed when funds were suspended and nine billion dollars of afghan central bank's assets were frozen the un appealed for 4.4 billion dollars in aid but barely half of that has been pledged hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs an estimated 90 percent of this population lives below the poverty line but taliban leaders say they are going to resurrect the economy and are on target to make 2.5 billion dollars this year.

Our budget annually the ministry of finance is challenging international organizations to audit its claims that the country is now corruption free the budget in target is completely dependent on our own revenue resources we have generated about 800 million dollars from customs 400 million dollars from non-tax revenues which mostly come from mine mining is an important part of afghanistan's economy providing employment to an estimated 1 million people that includes not just the miners themselves but also traders transporters and exporters.

There was always fighting that's why there wasn't much consideration for mines the islamic emirates started operations in the mines ministry and in one year we have realigned many pending projects we will build a huge exchange for afghan minerals in kabul for local and international traders that and much else still depends on the taliban being recognized as afghanistan's legitimate government until then more afghans will have to buy stale bread from this market with promises about the future still mean little swamp.

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