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Basketball Player' Dennis Rodman is Going to Russia to Free Brittney Griner - After Joe Biden FAILED

After getting caught with illegal drugs at a russian airport brittany griner is still sitting in a russian prison today after pleading guilty and getting sentenced to over nine years in jail and it has been very obvious that despite all the efforts from the woke mainstream media by the WNBA and by everyone else that joe biden and the united states government has been completely inept in terms of bringing Brittney Griner back home.

Now there's a lot of people who say we she shouldn't be in jail for this you shouldn't be doing nine years there's a lot of people are also saying you went to another country you broke the law regardless how you stoop how stupid you think that law may be well you're gonna do the time especially in light of all of Brittney Griner's comments about the united states of america and her national anthem protests but since joe biden couldn't get the job done somebody else is stepping up to help out i don't think anybody saw this one happening biden couldn't get the job done.

Now Dennis Rodman is going to russia to free Britney griner the worm himself dennis rodman NBA hall of famer is going to russia to do what joe biden can't do with joe biden having failed completely to free wnba star brittany griner from her russian prison cell.

The biden administration has given the okay to former nba player dennis rodman to head to russia and try to win her release i got permission to go to rush to help that girl robin told NBC news i'm trying to go this week that girl is WNBA star Brittney Griner who is handed a nine and a half year sentence after being arrested at a moscow airport and charged with possessing illegal drugs while griner's sentence is typical by russian standards it appears outrageous to many americans and let's be real about this even Kamala Harris, who's saying this a travesty it shouldn't happen kamala harris has put people away for more time than that for simple possession of marijuana as well a lot of hypocrisy going around when it comes to the brittany griner situation.

Now this is not the first time that dennis rodman has gotten involved in kind of like geopolitical things very famously he went over there to north korea and even got thanked by the trump white house for easing some of those tensions between north korea and the united states.

He's been to russia several times as well he praised russian strong man Vladimir Putin is actually cool and in 2018 robin claimed the trump white house thanked him for helping east tensions between north korea and the US and listen sometimes for these people.

I think putin's a little bit different animal you look at north korea like that dude probably just wants people to pay attention to him that's what a lot of people think they want him to he wants to be treated with respect and someone like dennis rodman who's a big famous person come over there and spend time with him sometimes that's what these people want now do i think that.

Do i think that dennis rodman's gonna work anything out? I don't know i'm not sure if that's gonna be the thing to move the needle on it i do know that right now biden has been so weak and so ineffectual that you might as well give dennis robin a chance to go over there and see what happens i don't think brittany griner should be there for nine years at the same time she did break the law and after you do that you gotta deal with the consequences.

Let me know your thoughts about rodman coming to do what joe biden could not do and get britney griner back to the united states where she'll be forced to listen to that terrible national anthem of ours for the rest of her life.

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