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Bill Gates 'Weekend Uniform' - Wearing Strange Outfit in Tennis Court on Saturday.

Bill gates, world's most famous richest man posted an image on his Instagram account, Saturday with a description of "A Current Weekend Uniform".

Gates wears shoe on his left leg and swimfins on its right symbolising something through his costume he wore.

As of August 2022, Gates had an estimated net worth of US$117 billion, making him the fifth-richest person in the world.

Gates's public image has changed over the years. At first he was perceived as a brilliant but ruthless "robber baron", a "nerd-turned-tycoon". Starting in 2000 with the foundation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and particularly after he stepped down as head of Microsoft, he turned his attention to philanthropy, spending more than $50 billion on causes like health, poverty, and education.

On Saturday his weekend in his tennis court playing with his co-workers, wearing strange outfits and shared the picture on his Instagram account witha description of "Current Weekend Uniform". Followers are bit confusing what he symbolising through his costume.

Melinda had been meeting with divorce attorneys since 2019, citing interviews that suggested Bill's ties with Jeffrey Epstein was at least one of her concerns.The divorce was finalized on August 2, 2021.

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