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Brahma Lotus "Princess of the Night" blooms once in a year: Miraculously bloomed in Salem, Tamilnadu

Princess of Night is Brahma Kamalam Poo

The Brahma lotus known as "Princess of the Night" is a flower that blooms only once a year. This Brahma lotus blooms only at night and withers at dawn.

Widely found in the Himalayan regions, this Brahma lotus plant belongs to the cactus family. This plant also grows widely in Tamil Nadu.

This brahma lotus has many medicinal benefits. In particular, this Brahma lotus flower is used to reduce harmful effects on the liver, maintain sexual health, treat fever, heal wounds, cure nervous disorders, correct menstrual problems, correct skin problems, and purify the blood.

As it belongs to the genus Galli, it has the ability to grow by cutting its stem. This flower is known as the "king of Himalayan flowers".

Brahma is the lotus One such rare and multi-medicinal flower was blooming at 11.40 pm at Ganesan's house in Salem. When asked about this rare event,

"This plant, which is mostly found in the Himalayan regions, has a lot of benefits. We bought this plant from a neighbor's house without any thought and put it in our terrace garden. In exactly one and a half months, the Brahma lotus bloomed in our terraced garden. Everyone in our house was overjoyed to see this scene. Our house was very happy that a rare type of flower is blooming in our house," he said.

How to Grow Brahma Kamal Plant at Home?

You can grow Brahma Kamal plants indoors or outdoors. The light should be bright but not direct sunlight. Make sure to keep the temperature between 18°C-25°C. Rich soil is preferred. Keep the soil moist all through the year. Watering must be done regularly. You can add some fertilizer once every month. After planting, water the seedlings well. You need to take care of these plants for about 2 months before flowering begins. When the time comes, you can start watering the plants less frequently. Once the flowers bloom, you need to remove the dead flowers. This way, you can enjoy fresh flowers throughout the year. The flowers bloom during the night and closes by sunrise.

"Every moment Nature wonders us, the only thing is, how we see them!"


What is brahma kamal scientific name?

The scientific name of brahma kamal is Saussurea obvallata.

Can we pluck Brahma Kamal at night?

The flowers bloom only during the night. So to get opened flowers they have to be plucked at night.

What do I do with Brahmakamal at home after it has shrunk post full bloom?

Remove the withered bloom. This encourages new bloom.

Does the flower Brahma Kamal blossom at night?

Yes, it is a night - flowering plant. The flowers bloom at night.

Where is brahma kamal native to?

Brahma kamalam is native to the Himalayas.

How does brahma kamal reproduce?

Vegetative reproduction is common and easy for propagation.

Where to buy brahma kamal plant?

You can buy it online at UrbanMali plant store.

Can we pluck brahma kamal?

The flowers can be plucked and kept in a vase.

Is brahma kamal a cactus?

It is a succulent plant with fleshy succulent leaves.

Can we offer brahmakamal to god?

It has been used in religious offerings.

Is brahma kamal and dragon fruit same?

No. Both are two different plants. Brahma kamal is called Saussurea obvallata and Dragon fruit is called Selenicereus undatus

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