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China crossed Median Line: Escalates Military Drills around Taiwan, 14 Vessel & 66 PLA Jets Detected

The fallout over nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan continues in northwestern pacific ocean, china continues its military drills in the taiwan straits here's more on that tension between china and taiwan.

Soaring every passing day china escalating hostility against taiwan over US house speaker Nancy pelosi's visit to the island nation, china's military rattling on full display on ground in the air and waters around taiwan in a massive claim taiwan accused china's military of simulating an attack on its main island on saturday.

Taipei's forces detected multiple batches of the communist party regimes aircraft and ships conducting activities around the taiwan straight some even crossing the median line. beijing has been pressing ahead with military exercises aimed at blockade and ultimate invasion of the self-ruled island look.

I have no idea what we're having next but observers say that drills surrounding taiwan are intended to show that the chinese military is capable of blockading the entire island and of resolving the talent question through non-peaceful ways these are reasonable and lawful measures for china to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity.

What Nancy Pelosi has done has been seen as a provocation and infringement on china's sovereignty and territorial integrity, china taiwan tensions rising to the highest level in the past 30 years with an elevated risk of military conflict to add to the risk downturn in beijing, washington ties could be deep festering and long-lasting in this region bureau report.

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