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China: Omicron variant driving fresh COVID-19 outbreaks | Authorities stick to 'Zero-COVID policy'


  • China records 450 new COVID-19 cases

China has reported its highest number of

coronavirus cases since May on Saturday

with millions in lockdown this weekend

as authorities persist with their zero

covet policy using snap lockdowns long

quarantines and mass testing.

China remains the last major economy still

pursuing the goal of eliminating

outbreaks even as a strategy takes a

heavy toll on the economy.

China reported 450 local infections on Saturday up from 432 a day Alia most of the cases were however asymptomatic the rising wave of cases led to fresh restrictions this week in some parts of the country.

langjo, the capital of Northwestern Gansu

province ordered its 4.4 million residents to stay home starting wednesday Bay High in the southern guangxi region also announced lockdowns in parts of two districts on Saturday that are home to more than 800,000 people early in the week wogang in central juanan Province announced a three-day lockdown of a single covet case the fast spreading Omicron variant of the virus has been a major challenge for chinese authorities as they try to limit the economic damage caused by covet restrictions.

China logged its slowest second quarter growth rate since the initial covered outbreak with GDP expanding just not 0.4 percent on your on-year basis.

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