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Congress protest against Inflation & Price Rise in India Rahul,Priyanka Gandhi detained Delhi Police

Congress is holding a nationwide protests and will also 'gherao' Prime Minister Narendra Modi's residence in the national capital against price rise, unemployment and GST hike on some essential items

The national capital against price rise against gst and unemployment they attack the bjp government over these economic issues. congress leader rahul gandhi and two four protests going on currently one towards the rashtrapati bhavan and another towardsthe prime minister's residence .

there you can see the banners and the placards that they're putting out against the gst rate hikes on the food products that were recently introduced against inflation that's of course been above six percent the whole year also against unemployment now you can also see congress president sonia gandhi joining the protests at the steps of the parliament, congress protest outside the parliament where leads by rahul gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi in his black outfit right at the center he's at those protests outside the Parliament and you can see banners and placards put out against the rising LPG prices the rising fuel prices rising GST rates on uh food products and also the rising unemployment in the economy on the other side the BJP is claiming that the Congress only cares about the enforcement directorate action on them.

but the Congress is continuously reiterating that our protest today is only about price rise and about the issues that really matter to the Common Man the twofold protests that were planned today one was uh the uh towards the prime minister's residence which is called the PM house ghirao and the other one towards the rashtrapati Bhavan which was called the Chalo rashtrapati Bhavan movement.

both of these were planned by Congress MPS and Senior Congress leaders but the Delhi police denied them a permission to go to the rashtrapati Bhavan and to conduct their protests but they are they're still continuing with these protests outside the Parliament and they plan to March to the rashtrapati.

Priyanka Gandhi detained for protesting against Centre

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and several other party MPs including Shashi Tharoor have been detained by the Delhi Police during a protest against the Central government on price rise and unemployment. Party leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was also detained from outside AICC headquarters in the national capital where she had joined other leaders and workers in their agitation.

"There is no inflation for Modi Ji, he has given away the country's wealth to 2-4 people...Two-four people have become very rich, but the common person is suffering. They have a lot of money, they can't see the price rise. Flour, rice, and cooking gas have all become expensive," she alleged.

“The Congress is now realising that the polity of the country has changed in a way that if democracy is not defended today, it will be impossible to defend it tomorrow,” said a senior journalist who has covered the Congress for decades.

“It also shows the urgency and the urge to change the status quo,” said the political observer adding, “Congress workers are following the model of protest politics – singing, creative sloganeering, catchy lines and banners. It shows that a change is taking place at the heart of the grand old party.”

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