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Covid Cases raising in india working community initiating various awareness programme salem

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Covid cases surging in india for past two weeks, where daily covid cases reached above 10,000 on high average of past two months.

Government intiating various awareness programme and restriction across india. Accord to salem the daily average cases raised to 43 and one death identified.

Where cops taking various measures people who not obeying the government restrictions and imposing fines and penalty over them.

Due to this crisis in salem tamilnadu the mechanic community conducts various campaign and awareness programme.

After the programme the community issued free disposal mask to the public and road travellers near salem collector office with a note "Wear mask compulsory when engaging outdoor activities" to reduce the widespread of covid variants.

Nearly 1000 surgical mask has been distributed on till time said by the community. Practicing social distance, wearing mask and frequent sanitary can save us from covid wave.

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