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Delhi unemployed Man killed his Mother pressure on Medical Bills leaves 77-Page Note Before Suicide.

A 25-year-old man left behind a 77-page suicide note as he killed himself three days after allegedly strangling his mother in the Indian capital of Delhi. The man, who was identified as Kshitij, sat with his mother’s body for three days before killing himself in the Budh Vihar area in Delhi on Sunday.

In the official report, the police said that Kshitij was suffering from depression and he ended up sliting his own throat after strangling his mother Mithilesh. The 25-year-old reportedly used deodorants to cover the smell from the dead copy and the entire killing process was described in the suicide note.

"He mentioned that since his childhood he had been lonely and had no friends. He also wrote about his father and the problems he had with him. After his father died, he stated, his mother did not give him money and both he and his mother were suffering from a disease," a police officer told NDTV.

Kshitij’s father had died around 10 years ago and he was living with his mother in the area ever since. In the suicide note, he wrote that his mother had "gone through a lot and he wanted to free her".

The police further said that after Kshitij "read a chapter from the Bhagavad Gita and sprinkled Ganga Jal or holy water on his mother's body so that she attained salvation”, according to NDTV.

While the police have not come up with any official theory, they told media outlets that Kshitij was unemployed and he was under a lot of pressure due to his mother’s mounting medical bills.

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