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Do Epic Shit 2021 | Ankur Warikoo | Book Review | Self-Help book | Summary & Analysis

Do Epic Shit” is a self-help book by Ankur Warikoo which was released on December 2021. Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur and content creator whose deep, witty and brutally honest thoughts on success and failure, money and investing, self-awareness and personal relationships have made him one of India’s top personal brands.

In his first book, Ankur puts together the key ideas that have fuelled his journey – one that began with him wanting to be a space engineer and ended with him creating content that has been seen and read by millions. His thoughts range from the importance of creating habits for long-term success to the foundations of money management, from embracing and accepting failure to the real truth about learning empathy.

This is a book to be read, and reread, a book whose lines you will underline and think about again and again, a book you will give your family and friends and strangers

You should give a read to do epic shit book has been the rave of the online self-development personal development world for some time and it has gotten a lot of mixed reviews from a lot of people.

i'm gonna tell you what is good about this book what is bad about this book who should read and who should not read this book for sure so let's go now talking about the good things first so if you do not know warikoo already i don't know do you live under a rock he is a very popular content creator he has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years if i'm not wrong he shares his journey he talks about money, entrepreneurship investing and a lot of other things of life in general that people find really insightful personally i really like him a lot because he talks like a very wise man the way he talks is stone and all of that i think that resonates a lot with me so i really am a big fan of ankur but i would not let that bias my review of this book so talking about the good things in this book.

I think one of the best things about this book is that this book is a perfect fit for anyone who has not read bunch before wants to start the habit of reading because a big problem that non-readers face is not finishing books or even reader's face is not being able to finish books and by the time they want to resume they have forgotten where they left it since this book has bite-sized lessons in each and every page it is much more easier to get into the habit of reading you can just open at any page and read it and take something away for yourself through the day that is a big plus point of this book frankly it is perfect for starting reading journey.

Secondly if you have not watched much of warikoo's content online if you have not exposed yourself much to what other things he talks about then you will find a lot of things very valuable in this book because the lessons he shares are really good this book is in six parts or so there are parts on habits, relationships, money etc and all of them are very well distinguished and if you can see i've already bookmarked so many pages here because the quotes the way he expresses his ideas all of them are very unique and they really make you think frankly speaking but the problem here is that if you are someone who has already exposed yourself to the contents that he talks about you might already know half of these things right so it will not be anything new to you this book is written with the intent of making it a bite size read all the pages and all of that you read it anytime hence it is presented in this way so the style may or may not resonate with you.

so i hope that my description of it gives you an idea whether you should get it or not now talking about myself i was already exposed to his content so automatically i couldn't find a lot of new things but it does help a lot that i have it all at hand i can open it read it anytime instead of having to scroll through his instagram or youtube every time i want to hear or read something from him.

So that is a plus point for sure another very good thing about this book is that it is written in very very simple language i think indians specifically prefer simply written books over the ones which have like too much of vocabulary going on and that is really cool that makes this book really accessible to the masters which is of course something that i would really applaud i would love more and more indians to start their journey of reading and language is definitely a major factor in accessibility of a book to the public so that is one good thing not talking about the bad things.

Since these are lessons he has already talked about you might not find a lot of new things here so if that is something that you are expecting maybe do not uh secondly these are bite size lessons so every page has something new in it so if you're someone who likes reading enough flow you want a certain thing after a certain while or if you are reading a book with a certain intent a very specific intent maybe this book is not it for you and thirdly anyone who has read a lot of self-development content online anyone who has exposed themselves a lot to non-fiction in general in all the areas that angular talks about they might already know a lot of these things because um himself says that there's not a lot of like you know ground breaking things that he's talking about this is just his personal experience.

Ofcourse it has his own flavor but if you are someone who already knows these concepts you're looking for some new concepts maybe you will not find as many as you would like to and that might turn you off so in that case also i would recommend not going for this book anyone else and you are starting their reading journey and you are looking to read a good book anyone looking to read a book that is going to impact you in many many areas of your life, money time, relationships etc.

Your definitely gonna love this book and i hope that you are going to give this book a read if all that sounds interesting let me know which book i should review next i will try to do a book haul next i have bought a lot of books in the past couple of months but as a professional bookworm i have not read half of them yet the thing is the older i grow the harder it gets to finish books.

I would like to end this review with some of my personal favorite sections from the book okay one of those sections was you are what you "do not what you say you'll do" and this is very impactful to me because i think for the longest time myself and even with people i valued words a lot but lately i have started valuing action much more and that has made a huge impact in my life so that put into words here uh really resonated a lot with me uh there was another quote that we have "just one life why live it with just one identity" this again resonated a lot with me uncle varico himself is an entrepreneur who creates content so he is of course talking about this in a much better way but i personally am also someone who pursues lots of ventures i have lots of shades through my personality and a lot of times there are of since i'm so publicly accessible online uh people do get disappointed when they see a certain part of my life and they're like why are you doing this why are you doing that and this was really resonant with what i really needed to hear and there's a page on what are the skills that are really good but like important skills but they are hardly taught and he says humor storytelling agreed managing money human psychology and cold emailing.

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