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Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? -Nutritional facts & Health Benefits

The popular saying that is there right that is an apple a day keeps a doctor away and this saying started off way back in the 1866 but as science students right and as students of biology does it is it really true right that an apple a day alone is needed to keep the doctor away.

well let's understand that now when we talk about our body we know that our body requires food and food is the fuel that drives our body now we know that in food we have important components such as nutrients and we have carbohydrates proteins fats vitamins and minerals which are all important nutrients.

Apart from this we also require some other components such as dietary fiber and water and the important thing here is that all these components are needed by our body in the right proportions that we call as a balanced diet because at the end of the day we need it in the right proportion so that they can get utilized by our body to carry out various activities but does by just eating apple will we get that balanced diet that is the question that we need to ask and for this we need to have an understanding about the nutritional value of apple now.

If you see right apples are tend to be you know we call them as rich sources of carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and minerals but we also see that there is good amount of water present in them roughly approximately about 80 to 90 percent.

we also see that there is little amount of fat right roughly about 0.2 grams and maybe we have proteins present in them as well but we see that's just about 0.3 to 4 grams very little proteins and fats now if you see here we find that all the nutrients are there but Are they present in the right proportions?

No, right they're not present in the right proportions because we know that our body requires carbohydrates proteins and fats in large amounts and requires vitamins and minerals in moderate or lesser amounts and we need to have good amount of fiber and water in our body.

Let's say an individual tends to consume only apples for a prolonged period of time his body may be subjected to some health risks such as gaining of weight, digestive issues and the blood sugar will rise and if the blood sugar continues to rise for a prolonged period of time this may tend to cause other problems within the body so eating apple alone is not really going to solve the problem right but nonetheless apples are important fruits that have good nutritional value yes and they are needed by the body to have a healthy digestive system reducing risk of cancer right and we also know that it helps in maintaining a healthy body so here if i have to conclude this an apple a day is good but an apple alone is not going to do the trick you need to make sure you are eating apples along with nutritious food right have a balanced diet and make sure that the apple is part of your diet so now we know the answer right will apple alone keep the doctor away no but a well balanced diet will definitely help you with it.

Healthy learning!

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