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Draupadi Murmu vs Yashwant Sinha: India’s 15th President set to be elected today July 18

Now voting to elect india's 15th president is currently underway the contest is between two candidates that is ruling alliance candidate draupadi murmu in opposition's choice yeshwanth sinha with the tenure of india's current president ram nath kovind coming to an end on the 24th of july

Around 4800 state and union lawmakers will cast their vote till 5 pm indian standard time today and the counting of the votes will take place on the 21st of july with the next president taking oath on the 25th of july speaking ahead of the first day of the monsoon session, Indian prime minister narendra modi urged members of the parliament to make the monsoon session of parliament fruitful and productive by holding discussions and debating with an open mind he also cast his vote to elect the new president of india.

Now it is expected that with the support of most of the regional parties vote is likely to reach nearly two-thirds if murmu wins she will be the youngest occupant to hold the country's top office she will also become the first woman from the tribal community to occupy the post meanwhile opposition's choice yeshwanth sinha has had a roller coaster career the civil servant and politician is expected to fall short of the numbers needed to clench victory in an open letter to the lawmakers on the eve of the pole sinner urged them to vote to the call of conscience in the election.

Siddhant sabul journalist from new delhi "well today domestic politics here in india then elections for the next president of india is underway and we know that the ruling party and the coalition of course has come with their candidate draupadi murmu and the opposition has come up with yeshwanth now now draupadi muramur has an advantage she's a woman she is from the tribal background and she has got a lot of support from of course uh states like the odisha state where the chief minister has extended support uh from bihar nitish kumar and also from the distractions both the fractions of the shiva sena in maharashtra of course yeshwanth sinha has made a plea asking everyone to vote by the conscious but of course it looks like the favor is for draupadi who of course has a political background as well and she has been governor of the jharkhand state but largely the the results will be out on thursday and by this time next week india will have a new president but also of course the other big development is the first day of the monsoon session which is expected to be full of a lot of activity in terms of the passage of number of bills that will be put but also the opposition raising issues like inflation and the agnipath scheme the government of course is expected to talk about what it has been doing and we saw the indian prime minister speaking ahead of the parliament session talking about the need for debate dialogue and talked about the presidential elections but largely as any democracy is it is a noisy day and we will see a lot of action the voting the election process and of course a lot of debates uh a sign of healthy democracy."

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