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FIFA Suspends' All India Football Federation from World Cup 2022 Due To Third-Party Influence

FIFA suspending the all India Football Federation, the suspension is over third party influencers and a serious violation of fifa statutes.

Now women's world cup 2022 has also been suspended big setback at this point for india as FIFA has officially suspended the indian football federation what does this mean for the sport in india and for all of the professional players that we see hoping that they get a chance to qualify for the FIFA world cup we're going to be discussing that but what we're hearing is also that the women's world cup 2022 has also been suspended as a result.

FIFA taking the step and fighting third-party influence as well as several other factors for going ahead and taking this decision it's a huge huge setback for indian football which has been picking pace in the last few years across the country this essentially means that the Indian National football team will not be able to play any international games until the ban is lifted.

So basically this doesn't just mean that we're removed from the FIFA World Cup but from all international games we can no longer play essentially this is due to third-party influence and besides that india remember was supposed to be hosting the Under 17 And Women's World Cup that will not be happening.

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