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FIFA World Cup 2022: 100 days to go - Tournament To Start On November 20, Qatar

The countdown clock on Doha's Corniche marks the final days hours minutes and seconds until Qatar 2022 kicks off.

Now in the final stretch organizers say they're ready to deliver you realize that there's a huge excitement it was building up over the last 12 years but a hundred days to go you can feel it you can touch it you can taste it and i think it's it's it's a matter of just you know the Final Countdown.

Now for the first time the competition is being held in the Middle East and there'll be plenty of other firsts the first World Cup to be played in November and December female referees in the men's tournament and an ambition to make this the most sustainable Tournament of all time.

Qatar 2022 is also set to be groundbreaking because of this air conditioning the majority of stadiums will be artificially ventilated to keep players and crowds cool fans here in Doha welcomed FIFA's decision to start the World Cup a day earlier to allow Qatar to feature in the Opening match.

The hosts will play Ecuador albate Stadium on November the 20th it's a very big opportunity to everyone here in Doha actually to to be here and to leave this all this excitement I'm very excited to see it as this is my first time I'm going to an actual match so I'm very excited 100 days ago countdown events like this one are happening all over Doha the excitement is building for fans in the 32 Nations who've qualified and perhaps even more so here in the host City, Simon rhines he told us why the date change even by one day could prove problematic for tournament sponsors it's useful to explain a little about what sponsor how sponsorship Works which is basically it's not just about the perimeter boards and the and the branding that you see but sponsors like to do a lot of what we call activation around it.

So they'll book advertising create special events and one of the biggest impacts could well be that the fact that they'll have a lot of hospitality with VIP guests coming in from around the world and that could be quite disruptive if you move everything a day forward it's going to be very hard to reschedule hotel bookings for people even with 100 days notice you know if everywhere is booked so that that'll be very difficult also all the flights you know they're going to be mainly first class flight from around the world so depending on.

What Arrangements you have for changing tickets that could be expensive so you know the costs could Mount up and the logistical tasks are going to be significant I think it's fair to say it could cost millions and I mean another area is is print if anyone's printed posters and leaflets and promotional material which has the exact starting date of the World Cup then they may well want to shred all that print and and redo it so you know again.

Some some fairly significant costs as for the teams and players to watch out for at the World Cup Brazil are the top ranked side but it's hard to look past the defending Champions France they beat Croatia in the 2018 Final in Russia Paul Pogba may miss the tournament with a knee injury but they have Killian and buppy.

Perhaps the most informed player in the world right now France's World Cup winners from 1998 David trezegay who's backing them to retain the trophy because they're the world champions they got great quality individually and as a team I see them getting to the final even though the competition will be intense the tournament will be played in December so players from all countries will be in very good shape but as I said I think France will be very difficult to beat is the figurehead of the team even if there's quality throughout the whole Squad he's going to be the player who will really show his qualities I think he's going to have an exceptional World Cup.

Beside France there's still Germany Spain Brazil let's not forget Argentina and Africa which is an upcoming continent with teams trying to get to a higher level.

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