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Freedism "A New Religion" - Definition & Meaning, Beliefs, Origin, Systems & Practice

Freedism a new modern religion emerged on 21st Century in Southern asian, where it's origin to freed living beings from various strings by political, power, society and beliefs.

Freed is greek word which it means freedom or to make free. The belief of freedism community is to consider all lives matter and every our born to live not slave. During the period the world is enrich with unemployment, poverty, corruption, social hierarchy, inequality, racism and sexual violence.

Freedist are the people who believe on freedism and their devotees. "Modern System for Modern People"

Principle beliefs of freedism:

Protect our mother Earth.

This World is meant for all livings no creatures should dominate another one.

One individual has more responsible over him to controlling overthem.

Sexual violence against women is cruel.

Protect women giving own equalties, thoughts and respects.

Greedness should be destroyed.

No Corruption and accumulation of money from negative way.

Body and soul should not be polluted.

Believe God within you.


Anger management over families and friends no practice of revenge and betray. Creating independent economy from the government system. Avoid pollutants and protect the mother earth for our future lives.


Waking up before the sun rise, divine the sun. Physical activities and bathing before starting our daily meal. While eating food be grateful for every chew. Wash plates of used plates. Cleaning mess outside cam cleanse your inner mess. Grateful to your parents and obeying their words. Breathing techniques should be practiced to live a harmonious life. Plant a flower or any grain every day, Keeping your hand on soil is real meaning life.

Keep hydrating, Reading daily sharpen your wisdom. Last meal should be ahead of 4 hours before getting into sleep. shower before sleep get out of body thermal. Sleeping is Most Important!

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