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Global Family Day 2023 - 1st January: A Brief History, Significance and All You need to Know

Global Family Day, celebrated on January 1st every year, to promote unity and a sense of community among nations and cultures through the celebration of families.

This day also aims to discourage negative attitudes and hatred towards other cultures and nations, which can lead to violence and social isolation. Instead, it emphasizes the need for all nations to coexist in harmony, despite cultural or religious differences. The holiday also highlights the importance of family and encourages the idea of unity to be extended on a global scale.

Linda Grover, a peace activist, was instrumental in bringing the day to the attention of the entire world. In 1999, the members of the United Nations received an invitation to formally celebrate the first day of the year as Global Family Day. Following its success and impact, the day was made an annual event a year later, in 2001.

Global Family Day: A Brief History

Global Family Day had its origins in two books: "One Day in Peace, January 1, 2000" by Steve Diamond and Robert Alan Silverstein, and "Tree Island: A Novel for the New Millennium" by Linda Grover. Where January 1 was chosen as the date for Global Family Day because it was mentioned in Diamond and Silverstein's book as a day for the world to work towards peace and prosperity.

Global Family Day coincides with the World Day of Peace, which is celebrated annually by the Catholic Church. The goal of the annual Global Family Day, observed on January 1, is to advance peaceful coexistence among all peoples of all races and religions.

There are too many different cultures in the world, and each one needs to find a place where it can flourish and coexist peacefully.

The concept behind Global Family Day 2023 in India is this. We are all members of one big family, and we should diagnose anyone with love and respect, despite our geography, ethnicity, and cultural differences.

On the first day of the year, Global Family Day observed so that people can make resolutions to make the world a better position in the future upcoming year

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