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How To Get & Hold ever an AMAZING Girlfriend! ❤️ Wife, True Relationship! in Life

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Most guys think that if they're just nice, friendly, open-minded, they will find an amazing girlfriend and live happily ever after.

This is sometimes the case, but a lot of times, this is not really the reality.

If you have this mindset, you may find the girl in your dreams but not in real life. So, how do you get a girlfriend? If you want an amazing girlfriend, there are two truths that you need to Understand and Eternalize.

The first truth is that you need to learn how to love & care yourself. How can you expect someone else to love you unconditionally if you can't even love yourself?

High quality women want a guy who's comfortable and happy being in his own shoes.

Stephen Covey talks about this concept in his book called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.If you are codependent on your partner, as in you rely on her to feel complete and you rely on her to get validation, there is a good chance this relationship will not work out. And this is the reason why a lot of relationships don't work out today. The next level up from codependent is independent relationships.

This is where you say, okay, I love myself, I don't have this need for someone else to complete me, I can complete myself. I am 100% fine just being me.

If you are here, you are in a fantastic spot and you are already ahead of most other guys.

There is a third level that not many people are even aware of called interdependence.

This is where two very independent people come together and they say, I love myself, but if we get together, if we strive together, if we build this epic relationship over the next few months, our lives will be even better.

The sum is greater than its different parts. So how do you reach this level of co-dependence?

This is not an easy question. You have to figure this out on your own. You'd have to figure out what it is you want out of your life apart from having a girlfriend.

For me personally, it's having good health, having amazing people around me, having strong family values, and traveling around the world, and essentially, just doing what I want on a day to day basis.

I don't need a person to complete me.

I don't need another person for me to feel happy all the time.

I don't need a person to launder and babysit.

But again, you need to figure this out for yourself. And it cannot start with your girlfriend.

This is basically the mentality where you want to come from. My life is epic.

But having this girl in my life will add even more value.

She can push me to take over the world, to dominate in life. But she's also there to kiss my wounds when I am hurt, give me a hug & says "I'm with you" on odd days.

Here is another analogy. I want you to view your life like a bowl of ice cream. You have all of your favorite stuff in that bowl. You got chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, you have nuts, Nutella, frosting, whatever, you have everything that creates a fantastic bowl of ice cream.

Having an amazing girlfriend is almost like having whipped cream on top of the ice cream. She does not complete your meal, you do not need her to enjoy the meal, but having here there will just make every single bite taste that much sweeter and meaningful.

The second truth that you need to understand is that in order to get a girlfriend, you need to come from a place of abundance. Here I'm mean abundance not respect to money, it's about quality and truthful. A quality girl does not want a guy who is very needy and desperate by mind.

Girls are very, very intelligent, and they can pick up a lot on your subconscious communications, meaning they'll sense that neediness.

So in order to come from a place of abundance, you need to be constantly working on yourself. You need to be trying to improve your intelligence by reading lots of books, by watching lots of videos, you need to be meeting other cool people, whether it's girls or guys, you need to be able to add value to that girl's life.

And when I say value, I don't mean money again. Value can be honestly anything. It could be your personality,

you can make her laugh, you can make her feel comfortable, stable, secure, you don't judge her.

Introducing your awesome social circle to her could be adding value. It could be anything. Oftentimes, money is actually not the best way to add value to a girl when it comes to building a long term relationship.

If you understand these two principles, of loving yourself and coming from a place of abundance, you are so much better off than most guys.

And the last thing that I will say is you have to be patient. You have to take your time.

If you are constantly working on yourself, that amazing woman will enter your life and it will change it for the better. Advance valentine's day wishes and blessings.

True to her, forever!❤️

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