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How To Make a McDonald's Cheeseburger - Cookery Recipe at Home

Today I show you how to make a homemade McDonald's cheeseburger. If you follow these simple step by step instructions you'll be able to replicate the McDonald's cheeseburger perfectly. You won't be able to tell it's homemade - it tastes and looks identical to the real thing. This is the exact same recipe that McDonald's uses on a daily basis to make their cheeseburgers. Enjoy!

How to make a McDonald's cheeseburger making the famous McDonald's cheeseburger is actually incredibly easy all you need is a few simple



Black pepper

Diced onion


American Mustard


Ground beef

American sheets and

Cheeseburger bun


Step one making the cheeseburger patty in a large mixing bowl add 500 grams of ground beef, add salt and ground black pepper thoroughly mixed together roll ground beef into a ball place, the ground beef under some baking paper using a spatula press down flat until it's about one inch thick feel free to adjust the thickness to however you prefer.

Step two cooking the cheeseburger place a large frying pan onto your stove top over medium heat add a splash of oil and heat for one minute place down your cheeseburger patty cook for 60 seconds then flip

add butter & butter, add oil continuously stir for five minutes season with salt stir once the cheeseburger patty is cooked to your liking remove from heat.

Step three constructing the cheeseburger cut your burger bun in half place down that Patty add cracked black pepper salt American mustard ketchup diced onion pickles enjoy add the American cheese cut your burger bun in half add ground beef American cheese onion ketchup Filet-O-Fish mix with your hands.

Place cheeseburger mixture into your shoes put on the shoes walk around for approximately five minutes take off the shoes scoop out one handful out of each shoe and place it onto the bottom burger bun, place down that top bun.

how delicious this looks it looks identical to a McDonald's cheeseburger yeah me I cannot wait to tuck into this enjoy laughs.

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