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In India, 26 people are killed and 10 are injured Vehicle Accidents in Ghatampur, Kanpur City Report

Lucknow, India — In northern India, a farm tractor towing a cart full of people crashed and plummeted into a pond, killing 26, the majority of whom were women and children, officials reported on Sunday.

Tej Swaroop Singh, superintendent of police, reported that the waggon was transporting about 40 people who were leaving a ritual at a neighbouring Hindu temple on Saturday night. He claimed that drowning was the main cause of death.

The accident occurred in the Ghatampur neighbourhood of Kanpur city, about 60 miles (100 kilometres) southwest of Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh. At least 10 people were hurt. The injured have been taken into a medical facility.

The accident's cause is being looked into.

"Distressed by the tractor-trolley mishap in Kanpur," the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi tweeted on Saturday. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone dear to them. praying with the injured."

At least 12 individuals have been killed in two separate incidents in the past three days when a tractor transporting people collapsed.

Yogi Adityanath, the most powerful elected politician in Uttar Pradesh, has advised against using farm tractors to carry people.

"Tractor-trolleys should only be used for agricultural tasks and the transportation of goods, never for people," "It was stated by him.

Thousands of people are killed and wounded on Indian roads every year, making it one of the countries with the highest road fatality rates in the world. The causes of the majority of collisions are irresponsible driving, badly maintained roads, and old vehicles.

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