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India: PM Modi to launch a New Era 5G technology cellular services today on Saturday

New Delhi, India, October 1 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi will introduce a new era in technology today with the introduction of 5G cellular services, which aims to offer seamless coverage, high data rates, minimal latency, and extremely dependable communications systems.

At an event held at Pragati Maidan in the nation's capital, he is scheduled to introduce 5G services at 10 a.m. on Saturday, according to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

The country's three largest telecom companies will each present the Prime Minister with a use case demonstration to highlight the possibilities of 5G technology in India.

A teacher from a school in Mumbai will communicate with kids in three separate places in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Odisha using Reliance Jio.

This will show how 5G will improve education by erasing physical barriers between teachers and students and bringing them closer to one another. It will show off the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and how it may be utilised to remotely instruct students across the nation without the use of an AR gadget.

A girl from Uttar Pradesh will see the Airtel demo, a vibrant and engaging educational experience that uses virtual reality and augmented reality to teach students about the solar system. The girl will use a hologram to appear on the dais and speak to the PM about her educational experiences.

By building a digital twin of the tunnel on the dais, the Vodafone Idea test case will illustrate how to keep construction workers safe in a Delhi Metro tunnel that is still under development. Workers can receive real-time safety alerts from a distance thanks to the digital twin. In order to supervise the work in real-time using VR and AI, the PM will conduct a live demo from the dais.

PM Modi will attend the event and visit an exhibition where he will see a demonstration of the usage of 5G technology in various contexts.

Precision drone-based farming, High-Security Routers & AI-based Cyber Threat Detection platforms, Automated Guided Vehicles, and other application cases will all be showcased in front of PM during the exhibition.

Sewage Monitoring System, Smart-Agri Program, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mix Reality in Education and Skill Development, Ambupod - Smart Ambulance, among others.

The general public will gain greatly from 5G technology. High data rates, low latency, and extremely dependable communications will all be made possible by it.

Additionally, it will improve network, spectrum, and energy efficiency. Millions of Internet of Things devices will be connected thanks to 5G technology, which will also enable the delivery of vital services like telesurgery and driverless vehicles among others as well as higher quality video services with mobility at fast speeds. Precision agriculture, real-time disaster monitoring, and reducing human involvement in risky industrial processes like deep mining and offshore work are all made possible by 5G.

The requirements for each of these various use cases can be tailored inside the same network, unlike current mobile communication networks.

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