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One Shot Non-linear film Parthiban's "Iravin Nizhal" Success? Media reviews and public opinion

Actors : Parthiban, Joshua Pratham, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Anandakrishnan, Sai Priyanka Ruth ;

Music : A.R. Rahman;

Directed by : Parthiban.

Filmed in non-linear style in a single shot, directed and acted by Parthiban, 'Iravin Nizhal' is releasing today. Opinion are being released in the media about how this film looks.

Hindu Tamil

Hindu Tamil Newspaper's web review describes the story of the 'roller coaster' life of the character Nandu, how he became the representative of the night and how far the shadow of the night chased him.

"Fifty-year-old Nandu (Parthipan) is a film financier. The director, who took money from him on interest, commits suicide along with his wife because he cannot pay back the money. The death becomes the talk of the media.

Believing Nandu to be responsible for the director's suicide, his wife and daughter hate him and leave the house and disappear. The police chase to arrest financier Nandu.

Taking his pistol and leaving, Nandu hides in a once famous and now dilapidated ashram that is all too familiar to him. From there, he begins to narrate his life story, unknown to the media, as recorded in 'audio' on his smart phone," describes the story of Night Shadow, a daily in Hindu Tamil.

He also said, "Story with a simple narrative is shot in one shot in many countries of the world. But when you see the film 'Shadow of the Night' with 'Non - Linear' screenplay shot in one shot, starting from the first second, the story unfolds on the screen till the last second. " says the newspaper.


The website of nakkeeran Weekly says that Parthiban has made a huge achievement with this film.

"First of all, actor-director Parthipan should be praised for the idea of ​​giving such a film to the fans. Normally, how much work is required to make a film, how many hardships are faced by the artists who work for it, and that is shooting for many days in many places, getting everyone to work together, and making sure that no mistakes happen in it. , the struggle of a director to make that film a success is a huge task beyond words. In such an environment, director-actor Radhakrishnan Parthiban has done a great feat by giving a film in a single shot and in a linear style to make it enjoyable and successful." says nakkeeran.

But nakkeeran says some places are cramped. "Technical things and the way the film was shot gave us 'goosebumps' but we couldn't help but have a few hiccups as the later scenes of the film pass without tension and give a bit of fatigue here and there. The scenes could have been given with a fast paced screenplay that was still stressful. Also some vulgar scenes in the film. , although the dialogues that speak green and green seem to suit the environment of the places where the story takes place, it cannot be avoided in some places to cause trouble. As a result, these types of scenes have created an environment where children and families cannot watch together," the daily reviews the film.

The Hindu

"Making a film in a single shot is a very complicated thing. In this case, the question arises whether there is a need to tell this story in a single shot. But it is a director's choice. We can only tell whether the screen unfolds well or not," says The Hindu English daily. .

The Hindu talks in detail about the technical way in which this film is made. "Similarly, because of the many practical difficulties involved in single-shot shooting, very few directors have attempted this kind of continuous shooting. In terms of the shadows of the night, each scene presents a great challenge to the cinematographer, set operator, sub-directors, and actors. Among the English single-shot films Rope, Birdman, 1917, many long The shots are composed like a single shot. The Cut in it is not visible to the eye. But in this film, Parthiban has used a new technique. At certain moments, the camera shows the same place for a few seconds. This gives time to prepare for the next scene. But it is only a few seconds."

Zee News India

"This time, Parthiban has seen and done everything like screenplay, dialogues, songs and editing. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Priyanka Ruth, Brigida Sakha, Anandkrishnan has given a wonderful work with a great army of actors," says the Tamil website of zeenewsindia.

"The camera keeps moving in the film. AR Rahman also composes the music accordingly. Parthiban has showcased the songs and the dance in the same single take. The cinematography of this film is the famous cinematographer Arthur Wilson, who has done the cinematography of many films. His work is very important for the film. He has to shoot the entire film in a single take. If there is any small mistake, he has to start from the beginning. Director Parthiban is guiding him in the right way. He needs 23 takes to shoot the film in one take. Even if there is a small mistake, he has to start again from the first take. He has met the challenge."

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