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Islamic State “Beatle” El Shafee Elsheikh Given 8 life Sentences In US Prison Over Killing Hostages.

A former british member of the islamic state terror group has been sentenced to life in prison by a court in america El Shafee Elsheikh was among a group of british is members who carried out a brutal reign of terror in syria and became known as the beatles because of their english accents a name given to them by their captives the judge said El Shafee Elsheikh actions were horrific barbaric and brutal our correspondent Nomia iqbala centers this report from the courthouse in virginia.

But it wasn't true he was part of the islamic state group which terrorized large swathes of iraq and syria between 2014 and 2017 beatings electrocutions and mock executions were carried out by the jihadists on western hostages who call their torturers the beatles due to their english accents al-shaikh who left london to join is was convicted of his part in a hostage murder plot.

ln which four americans were killed james foley stephen sotloff peter kassig and kayla mueller as well as two british aid workers alan henning and david haynes.

The judge described what El Shafee Elsheikh did as horrific brutal barbaric callous and criminal he said the sentence had to act as a deterrence El Shafee Elsheikh refused to comment when given the opportunity none of the victims bodies have ever been found.

Outside court the families gathered dan foley's son james died eight years ago today it is a hollow victory our country has lost four of his very best citizens we families lost our loved ones forever and now Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey who have lost their freedom country and families it's a tragic cycle of violence and heartbreak for all involved Elsheikh co-conspirator alexander Kotey already pleaded guilty and will serve the rest of his life in jail as part of his plea deal he met some victims relatives including the family of kayla mueller who was raped and tortured by the leader.

He was eventually killed in a US raid well i did meet with cody for about two and a half hours so i spoke to him at length and i would meet him again and hope to Elsheikh doesn't have to meet with us if he would i would want him to but my prayer all along in all of this was i've asked god to soften any hearts out there that know anything about any of this that would come forward and help us and we are getting people helping us another member of this group mohammed wazi known in the press.

As jihadi john is dead Elsheikh and Kotey were eventually captured in syria as is were defeated the group hated the western world particularly america but these two men now face spending the rest of their lives in a US Jail.

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