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ISRO Launched 2 Satellites weigh 8 Kg: 750 School Girls by Space Kidz India onto Mark Independence.

ISRO is on the verge of creating history, today in a short while from now ISRO launched its smallest rocket weighing just 110 tons in Sriharikota at 9.18 a.m, today the SSLV would carry earth observation satellite o2 and a co-passenger satellite AzadiSAT.

AzadiSAT is a cubesat weighing around 8 kg is developed by a team of 750 girl students from a government school in the run-up to the 75th independence day the AzadiSAT payload will play jana gana mana for one and a half minutes in space in Rabindranath original voice and unfurl the national flag space kids song on space awareness will also be played in space a selfie camera with new solar cells will be tested and monitored in space.

Meanwhile 109 drawings with the names of 35000 children will also reach the orbit all right what is the mood really on the ground.

we are at satis dhawan space center in sriharikotaz now here it is a milestone for israel because isro is launching small satellite launch vehicle sslv's maiden launched because earlier we could see isro had launched their favorite PSLV GSLV Mark III these have been workhorse for isro and now we could see that this is the maiden launch of SSLV.

SSLV launched at 9.18 a.m this morning and this will carry two rocket tool satellites that is Eos, 2 which is a remote sensing satellite with high spatial resolution which will have inputs on thermal anatomies Geo info environmental studies and forestry coastal studies along with that the second satellite is very important because it is AzadiSAT it weighs around 8 kgs and it carries 75 different payloads created by 750 school girls across the country.

Now this satellite has various payloads in them which will perform various experiments which are experiments these include nearly several experiments, this particular azadi sat will be carrying solar cells selfie camera 35000 names of children and including experiment which was conducted by a juvenile children.

So in fact we could see that today the satellite that launched will also play uh jana gana mana in Rabindranath's voice itself so there are several feats that will be accomplished today by this AzadiSAT, which just designed and developed by 750 school girls across country and it was coordinated by space kids in chennai so we could see it's a milestone for israel this is a while india is celebrating 75th year of independence this is seen as a milestone event for isro right.

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