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Kenya Presidential Elections: William Ruto declared winner amid dispute | World News

Let's start with news from kenya after nearly a week-long vote count kenya's electoral commission chief has now declared deputy president william ruto as the winner of the presidential polls this followed last minute chaos as four senior election officials distanced themselves from the final results.

The four of the seven electoral commissioners told journalists on monday that they could not support the opaque nature of the final phase of the vote verification process and thus cannot take ownership of the results yeah some things need to be put out there as you can see the four of us.

we are here not at bomas of kenya where the result is going to be announced because of the opec nature of how this face has been handled we therefore cannot take ownership on the results.

According to the official results router was narrowly beaten by his rival and former prime minister raila odinga with 50.5 percent of the vote the 77 year old former prime minister who got 48.8 percent of the vote was running for the post off for the fifth time.

Ruto in his acceptance speech also thanked the kenyan voters for their support and told the opposition that there is no room for vengeance in his government

i want to promise all the people of kenya whichever way they voted that this will be their government i know many are wondering especially those who have done many things against us i want to tell them that they have nothing to fear there is no room there is nothing there is no room for vengeance.

There is no room for looking back we are looking into the future i am acutely aware that our country is at a stage where we need all hands on deck now as news of ruto's win spread in raila odinga's stronghold of kisumu large number of protesters came to the streets of lakeside city to denounce the results protesters the hull stones burned tires as they blocked roads police also fired tear gas to disperse the protesters blocking the roads odinga's supporters they entered the restricted area near the election commission.

On monday accusing electoral officers of tampering with the vote but there were also celebrations across kenya where ruto supporters came to the streets in large numbers to celebrate his win ruto has been currently being seen as a triumph for a man who shook up politics by appealing to struggling kenyans on economic terms and other ethnic ones along with celebrations tensions are also running high for ruto supporters this because raila odinga's campaign can now challenge the results in the supreme court as it did successfully back in 2017.

The court declared the 2017 vote invalid over claims of voter fraud a fresh election was later held that was won by outgoing president uhuru kenyatta.turnout in this year's election was lower than expected according to reports the election saw only 65 water turnout in the 9th of august vote this reflects the wariness of kenyans seeing the same long-time political figures on the ballot frustration over poor economic conditions and soaring cost of living crisis were also seen as reasons for low water enthusiasm this time beyond is now available in your country.

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