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Not Her: Kiely Rodni Missing Teen Body found in Reservoir California Authorities believed to be Her.

California authorities believe the body found in a vehicle submerged in a reservoir is that of a 16-year-old who went missing earlier this month.

The tragic update in the search for a california teenager who disappeared after a party a few weeks ago a well-known volunteer group joined the search and made a surprising discovery it's left her family heartbroken and is raising even more questions. Kiely Rodni seemed to have vanished without a trace the 16 year old was last seen on August 6th at the prosser family campground near Truckee.

A community north of lake Tahoe, there she attended a party with several hundred other teens many of whom were drinking, her mother aid she got a text from Kiely saying she was heading home an hour later at 12:30 a.m her cell phone pinged for the last time near this lake she never came home the case was initially treated as a possible abduction.

We have stories about the beginning of the night in the middle of the night but we don't really have there are no stories about her leaving when she left or who she left with authorities launched a massive search but no one could find her then a team from a volunteer group called adventures with purpose joined the search and just two days later they detected an object with cutting-edge sonar technology in nearby prosser lake.

It was a vehicle submerged in 14 feet of water 55 feet offshore you know it's very tragic at that point we were you know all hope for her coming home was gone today, authorities confirming it was Kiely Rodni's vehicle with human remains inside explaining that early searches had missed it but not for lack of effort the lake was extensively searched with side sonar with an rov.

We had divers we had swimmers Kiely Rodni has still not formally been identified the official autopsy is tomorrow tonight Rodni's family issuing a statement saying Kiely will surely remain with us even though we will not get her back, a family's heartbreak.

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