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Parole 2022 by Dwarakh Raj - Tamil Movie Review | Linga | Tripr Entertainment | Amazon Prime Video

Parole is a 2022 South Indian movie crime thriller film written and directed by Dwarakh Raj. The film features Linga, R. S. Karthik, Kalpika Ganesh and Monisha Murali in the lead, Where the entire movie is scripted in tamil language. The movie is in story narrative style with the voice of Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi.

It is the story of a mother and her two son. The elder son is karikalan and younger is kovalan. Here the karikalan is a criminal play a lead role in this movie who is sentenced to prison for his professional murdering. Kovalan the younger son is a ordinary man who work has a plumber where he is more possesive towards his mother's love to karikalan.

Parole movie is entirely filmed in north chennai and the people culture are reflected in the movie. Suddenly their mother passed away where the last funeral rituals are set to his elder son karikala but on that time of his mother's dead he is in prison. Kovalan striving hard to bring his brother out on parole to make his mother's last wish and also to kill him to acquire all his fame to him. Half of the movie is carried by Kovalan and their advocate who struggling hard to justify karikalan all his faults to grant him a panole by the court to conduct his mother's last funeral rituals.

Revenge, blood and emotions plays are the key things to be noted in this movie. Finally the karikalan criminal changes his character to be ordinary man without any anger. At last the movie connects all the odd ones are repaired with love of a mother. Beautifully the movie portrays love of a strong mother.

"Mother's lost reunite Brothers."

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