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Pooja, Who was kidnapped Nine years ago in 2013 - How did she reunite with her family?

19 August 2022, Mumbai.

The girl, who was abducted 9 years ago, is now reunited with her family. The little girl has come back and joined the family even after the family had lost hope and stopped searching. What happened in 9 years? How did this girl escape?

Pooja Gout was happy to see her father that day. But little did he know that his father would not be at home. His father had passed away during the period of his disappearance.

On January 22, 2013, a seven-year-old school-going girl, Pooja, went missing. Later it was revealed that the first class girl who was living with her parents in Mumbai was kidnapped after buying 'ice cream'.

He went missing in 2013 at the age of seven and returned home at the age of 16, nine years later.

Her mother, Poonam Gout, cried day and night for her daughter. But when her daughter suddenly returned, the mother's joy was beyond measure.

Her father said, "There was hope that my daughter would be found. But after the death of her father, the hope has diminished. The reason is that there is no one to look for her anymore.

But what happened now was God's mercy. Mother Poona says maybe my wife is alone, so he would have gone up and fought saying send my daughter.

Pramila Devendra, 35, also worked at the place where Pooja was employed by her abductors. One day, Pooja plucks up the courage to tell Pramila that she was abducted in her youth. Pramila Devendra decides to help Pooja.

What happened after this?

Pooja will say earlier that these are not my parents. She showed me a video on YouTube saying these are my parents. I sent a girl I know to the place and tried to get her parent's cell phone number. Somehow, Rafiq's number got a line. Rafiq For many years, Pooja was a neighbor of the family.

What happened in 9 years?

Pooja narrated to us what happened to her. "That day, someone gave me ice-cream and then put me in a bus. I kept crying. In three days, I was taken to Goa. Then I was admitted to a hostel in Raichur area.

It was good in the beginning. Later, when their (added house) daughter was born, the behavior changed. They beat me with a rolling stick, a leg, a chapati stick. "When the hair is pulled and beaten with a rolling stick, blood flows from the back," he said.

Following the complaint filed by Pooja's family, the Mumbai city police have registered an FIR against Harry and Soni D'Souza. Both are now in custody. But Pooja's family has demanded the arrest of Sonny D'Souza, who assaulted Pooja.

I think the abductors took Pooja away as they were childless. Later, when they had children, I think their behavior changed, says senior police inspector Milind Gurde.

For Pooja and her family, the past 9 years will never come back. But Pooja and her mother's life is completely changed by Pramila. Now Pooja has started her new life with great confidence.

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