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Retro Scooter: Keeway Sixties 300i First Ride Review 2022 - Performance, Top Speed & Price in India

This scooter is a total sleeper under all this vintage vibe is performance that can leave some proper sporty 200cc motorcycles feeling a little blue and this is the Keeway Sixties 300i.

There it's started the whole bring back retro theme to scooters and people loved it that's a 1964 Vespa 150 and that's a cute throwback this whole double shot of oh that's just like what my daddy used to write design language works people love it heck i'm a sucker for retro i like what's happening here on the Keeway Sixties it's got this whole unapologetic old-school vibe with that massive front grille and round orange indicators but just above that is a proper modern led headlight and from the front the scooter looks grand and people tend to take notice but that's a good thing because like i said underneath this is a 300cc engine, that propels this throwback on wheels faster than some motorcycles to 60 kmph despite its stretched out.

Keeway sixties 300i is surprisingly quick thanks to its 278.2 cc single cylinder liquid cooled engine it produces 18.9 ps and 22nm and the torque spread is consistent through the rev range lays around in the city it feels like any other scooter touch the throttle and wham talk 0-60 comes in just 4.56 seconds, 0-80 in 7.36 seconds and it's the same thing on the highway this thing will hold an easy 90kmph for long durations pretty comfortably.

According to our data this one is up there with motorcycles like the TVS apache RTR 204v and the Honda hornet 2.0 those bikes practically based on the track man.

furthermore with performance numbers like this our current reigning champion of performance scooters, the yamaha aerox that should be one in a little bit but what impressed me the most is how refined the motor feels.

I must admit i have a certain degree of bias when it comes to products from china especially engines but this changes how i feel about that it's smooth and doesn't feel busy despite being a big single, you're only going fast and not shaking from vibrations.

So if retro is your wipe but shifting gears is not your thing this leaves some proper classics in the dust all while sporting as much leather on a comfortable throne but there are a few areas of concern see while the front suspension is alright the rear is too soft it loads up easily over mild bumps and while it's not jarring it can be uncomfortable for the pillion and with no back support that backseat can be a life affirming moment for the pillion.

It's all plastics on the scooter and while the finish is nice the overall quality could have certainly been better while on the topic i don't particularly mind the analog cluster with a small digital readout it looks more period correct with a dash of modern which is basically the theme but i see why at its price point it could become a deal breaker for some if a feature-packed maxi scooter is what you're looking for have a look at models on the keeway vst 300.

Finally while the disc brakes at either end do the job just fine the abs can be pretty intrusive at 2.99 lakh ex-showroom delhi, this is not cheap. In fact it's twice as expensive as some of the motorcycles that we talked about earlier.

so you clearly do not buy this because you need it but because you want it so if you're someone who enjoys a healthy portion of nostalgia with after notes of performance this is a dish you will relish.

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