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Review: Ammu (2022) Telugu Movie by Charukesh Sekar Released on Amazon Prime Video this October.

Director: Charukesh Sekar

Cast: Aishwarya Lekshmi, Naveen Chandra, Simha, Maala Parvathi

Runtime: 135 minutes

Storyline: Follows a young woman’s struggles and fight against her abusive cop husband

Release date: October 19, 2022.

Language: Telugu

Aishwarya Lekshmi and Naveen Chandra deliver fantastic performances, but director Charukesh Sekar’s film still leaves you wanting more closure. There’s a popular quote (most recognised from The Usual Suspects) that goes like this, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

The movie opens with the engagement of a young and happy girl "Ammu" with her neighbour "Ravi" who is a cop. As Ravi got posting in "Maharanipalli" as an Inspector, after the marriage the couple moved there and lived a happy fairy tale life which is every girl's dream. While she was enjoying her new happy and filling life, her husband starts to show his other evil side by using unwelcome and abusive words.

While she was still perplexed and shocked by his new behaviour, her dream life started to shatter when her husband hits her for the first time.

Ammu managed to think it was a one-time incident, but soon it became a never-ending cycle of physical and emotional abuse. One day she even decides to leave him and go to her mother's place. But while waiting for the bus at the bus stand with fear, she gains hope that her unconditional love can change him and decides to give him another chance because of her love for him and returns home. But soon she realized that her decision was wrong as he continued to wallop her for trivial reasons.

He even managed to replace the contraceptive pills she was using to avoid pregnancy because of the situation and made her pregnant. One day she got all her courage, got help from Linny (Neighbour), Sathya and Iqbal (Ravi's colleagues), and went to the DGP office to give a complaint about Ravi. But he threatened and stopped her from giving a complaint.

Ammu finally realizes she can show his real face to everyone only when she has proper proof. Then someday she randomly meets "Prabhu" at the police station where Ravi is in charge. He is a murder criminal who came out on parole to attend his sister's marriage.

He was supposed to show up and put his signature every day at the police station. Ravi tortured him by making him do chores at the station. One day, drunk "Bobby" enunciate against Ravi. This made Ravi outrageous. He beat him to a pulp and cancelled his parole.

Ammu saw all these and decided to team up with Prabhu, Linny, Sathy, and Iqbal, made him escape from the police station, and also provided a place to stay for him at the backside of her house. She thought when an accused who was inside the station is missing, his husband who is in charge of that station will lose his job.

She thought this will be the way of teaching him a lesson. As per their plan, everything went right until Ravi got suspicious of Ammu and bugged his own house to hear if his wife is a part of Prabhu's missing. As Ravi suspected, he heard the voice of Prabhu in his house and rushed to see if he was there. Before Ravi reaches home, Ammu got information from Iqbal and sent Prabhu out of the house.

While he was trying to get the truth from Ammu, she denied and revealed to him that she was pregnant to divert him. Ravi was shocked to hear this and went to sleep still with suspicion. In the mid of the night when Ravi went out to again listen to the bug audio and confirm the truth, Ammu searched the whole house for the bug and was shocked to find it.

The next morning, as Ravi was sure about the involvement of Ammu in this issue, he threatened Ammu to tell him where Prabhu is. Only if Ravi accepted all the truth about his abuse of her she said she will tell him where "bobby" is. Ravi denied it with arrogance and still continued to threaten her that he will kill her. Ammu used the same bug and recorded this entire conversation without Ravi's knowledge and submitted the proof to DGP.

Finally the movie ends with Ravi getting arrested, "Bobby" surrenders himself to the police, and Ammu returned to her Mother's house.

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