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Rocky 2021 by Arun Matheswaran Tamil Movie Review | Vasanth Ravi and Bharathiraja

Rocky is a gritty action drama that takes the fullest freedom of the 'A' certificate and uses it to its strengths. The film has quite a few interesting underlined messages and philosophies which make sense and these moments would be a treat for film lovers.

Rocky is an art-house film that demands a certain level of patience. If you adapt to the world of Rocky and move along its leisurely pace, you are in for an exciting ride. But, if you don't connect with the mood of the film, then Rocky might not be your cup of tea. The blood is on your face and the violence isn't diluted at any cost and depending upon your taste in films, Rocky might or might not appeal to you.

However, one has to admit that Rocky is a daring attempt in Tamil cinema that needs to be noted. The makers need to be credited for executing a long single-take shot featuring Vasanth Ravi and Raveena Ravi seamlessly without any hassle.

Vasanth Ravi who made a big impact in his debut in Tamil cinema with Ram's Taramani, is back with his second outing, Rocky which features him and veteran director Bharathiraja in the lead roles. Directed by debutant Arun Matheswaran, Rocky is produced by CR Manoj Kumar and presented by Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan.

The film also has solid stretches that keep you glued to the screens, especially the climax, which is a stunner. Rocky effectively showcases the plight of the female characters in the film, who get dominated and traumatized by the men in their world.

Shreyaas Krishna's cinematography is one of the major USPs of the film. The shots have been composed in an unconventional manner and the lighting is also tremendous. Shreyaas' work is sure to earn him laurels unanimously. Darbuka Siva's music is commendable, giving solid support to the movie. Nagooran's edit has a certain level of uniqueness, making the film look fresh visually. Due credits to stunt choreographer Dinesh Subbarayan for the raw and gritty action moves.

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