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Russia destroys US made Himars Missiles & M77 Howitzers near Central Ukrainian city of Uman.

Let's now get you the latest from the ongoing war in Ukraine which is now in its sixth month in the latest Russia destroyed an Ammunition Depot which was storing U.S made hymers missiles near the central Ukrainian city of uman.

Russian forces destroyed U.S made hymas missiles and M triple seven howitzers artillery pieces in its Daily Briefing the Russian defense Ministry said it had destroyed over 300 rockets in the strike Kiev has hailed the arrival of the advanced long-range hymers from the United States as a possible Game Changer Moscow has accused the west of dragging out the conflicts by arming Ukraine in Crimea.

Russian Governor said that he had gone to the area where explosions happened and not these circumstances are being clarified an advisor to the governor confirmed that explosions had a card Russia's defense Ministry sage and explosion at a Russian military Air Base in Crimea had been caused by a detonation of Aviation ammunition one person was killed by a blast at a military air base and five people were reported injured foreign in the mikolai region.

Ukrainian soldiers were seen using drones to counter the Russian positioning and shelling is foreign exposition drones are playing a crucial role in Ukraine's military operations in the Nikolai region where Russia's shelling has been escalating in the recent weeks.

Meanwhile Britain's defense Ministry says the Russian invasion is about to enter a new phase in which the fighting would shift to a roughly 350 kilometer front line extending from near the city of zaporizia to Russian occupied her son in Ubuntu boost keeps forces the U.S announced fresh military aid for Ukraine worth one billion dollars marking. What the Biden Administration has said is the largest package of arms and Equipment?

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine the United States has now committed approximately 9.8 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Biden Administration including 9.1 billion.

Since the beginning of Russia's most recent unprovoked invasion in February U.S treasury secretary johnette Yellen in a statement father said and I quote this economic assistance is critical in supporting the Ukrainian people as they defend their democracy against Russia's unprovoked war of aggression the wild Banker's father estimated that 55 of ukrainians will be living in poverty by the end of 2023 as a result of the war

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