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Russia: President Putin's ally Alexander Dugin daughter Daria killed on Car Bomb Blast near Moscow

The daughter of the man described as russian president putin's brain has been killed in a suspected car bomb attack near moscow now this unconfirmed video is believed to show a distraught alexander dugan at the site of the explosion that killed his daughter Daria dugina, the russian journalist strongly backed the invasion of ukraine.

She's seen here in a selfie in the Ukrainian City of Mariopol after russia took control of it, her father is believed to have been the real target of the bomb. Alexander Dugan is an ultra nationalist whose ideas have underpinned Vladimir putin's rule.

Well according to the investigators Daria Dugina died while driving her car in the suburb of moscow driving towards Moscow.

Dario Dugina was a prominent journalist in russia and an outspoken supporter of what is in russia called a special military operation in ukraine there is unverified footage you said it circulating on social media which appears to show Alexander dugan her father arrive at the scene of the blast where his daughter was killed.

Dugan and his daughter were both returning from an event they attended outside of moscow reportedly. Mr Dugan made the decision to travel separately from his daughter at the last minute investigators say an explosive device had been planted to the car so this could mean that the bomb could have been intended for alexander dugan because Daria dugina her daughter was actually traveling with his vehicle

who alexander dugan the father of the kill journalist?

Well Alexander dugan is a symbolic figure in russian politics even though he isn't a politician at all he's actually a philosopher, he is seen as the kind of intellectual father of Vladimir putin's foreign policy and especially of putin's plans to expand russia and to restore the russian empire.

Dugan developed an extreme right-wing view of russia's place in the world he stands for an anti-western ultra-nationalist philosophy and for a time at least he is said to have had a big influence on the russian president yuri could would you say that this could be seen as a sign a warning may be to the kremlin well incident like this as well as a series of explosions on russian occupied crimea and as well as in russian regions near the border with ukraine undermine the kremlin's narrative about security and stability.

Why is this important?

Well because Vladimir putin built his reputation on security and stability after the turbulent 1990s when car bombs were commonplace in russia so this is reasonably enough to make officials in moscow nervous and detention will now surely turn to who was behind this attack and there have been a few reactions already Denis pushilin, the head of the so-called pro-russian donetsk people's republic immediately blamed ukraine on his telegram account at the moment it's impossible to say who is really behind these attacks because we have no access to independently verified information but it does seem striking how the frequency of attacks on russian territory has risen in recent days.

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