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Russian President Putin Health Condition terrible Xi Jinping China's president overseas to Meet Him.

For the first time in more than two years china's president xi jinping is planning to travel overseas he is expected to go to central asia this week where he will meet russian president vladimir putin it will be the first time he has left china since the start of the global health crisis and shows just how confident he is about his grip on power.

It also underlines just how perilous the global situation has become he is tripped to kazakhstan and uzbekistan comes against the backdrop of russia's invasion of ukraine there appears to be no sign that xi is ready to drop his support for putin in russia's most serious confrontation with the west since the height of the cold war.

Also playing on people's minds is the crisis over taiwan and a stuttering global economy china has yet to confirm xi's travel plans but last week during a meeting with china's top legislator putin said he planned to hold talks with xi in uzbekistan the two leaders are expected to attend a summit there of the shanghai cooperation organization which kicks off on thursday.

Thw meeting will give she an opportunity to underscore his clout while putin can demonstrate russia's tilt towards asia the west no doubt will be watching on closely.

Putin's Health in question after Russian president falls asleep during meeting Vladimir Putin was filmed appearing to be asleep during a state department meeting after complaining to doctors of fatigue and shortness of breath the meeting was held on rusky island near the city of Vladivostok when Russian officials discussed tourism.

Russian leader appeared tired and other officials appeared to fall asleep while listening to the speech the Russian president took part in the 2022 Eastern military exercises but speculation about his health has resurfaced after his feet appeared ti Twitch on a trip to Kamchatka telegram Channel General svr has recently issued a statement on Vladimir Putin's health and has claimed in the past that President Putin may have cancer or Parkinson's disease.

President Putin's spokesman Dmitry peskov has addressed health concerns saying the Russian leader is in good health and the rumors are complete nonsense telegram Channel general svr which opposes the Russian government has made new demands on President Putin's health the channel said even before flying to Kamchatka Russian President Vladimir Putin had growing kidney problems his face was swollen and obvious bags under his eyes.

Despite medication there was no significant Improvement after arriving in Kamchatka Putin complained to doctors of fatigue and shortness of breath but the president decided to go to a pre-planned event anyway on Monday President Vladimir Putin appeared to be limping as he participated in military exercises in the east.

Footage of the incident showed the Russian leader walking stiffly around the room appearing to hesitate before sitting down in recent months president Putin was also found to have sprained his foot.

When he stepped off a plane during a meeting in Iran with belarusi and President Alexander lukashenko the Russian leader visited Kamchatka a few days ago seemingly amusing the audience while he sat listlessly in a chair unable to control the twitching of his feet he also appeared bloated and at times seemed to have difficulty speaking due to his hoarse voice telegram Channel General svr also claimed that President Putin planned to use a double during his stay in Kamchatka the president's stand-in is ready to help they announced.

President Putin acknowledged that Russian officials had considered using stand-ins in the past but he opposed the idea I dismissed the idea of doubles he said the Russian leader was told in the early 2000s that a lookalike should take his place at public events when Russia was under a terrorist attack this is the most difficult period in our war on terror President Putin said.

Leaders throughout Russia have used stand-ins such as Soviet era Joseph Stalin who hired a former dancer named Felix Dodd of for rallies and rallies.

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