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"Sake Viva" Japan urges its Young People to Drink More Alcohol to Boost Economy amid Covid Pandemic.

Japan has asked the country's young adults to drink more alcohol, this comes amid the decline in the revenue collections of the country the call for more alcohol consumption is an attempt by the government to boost the economy and to overcome a sobering population crisis aggravated by the covid pandemic.

The national tax agency or NTA has announced a national business contest called "Sake Viva" to promote alcohol drinking in its younger population.

The campaign urges youngsters to come up with business ideas that might help increase demand for japanese alcoholic drinks including sake, shochu, avamori, beer, whiskey and wine. the japanese tax agency has described it a plan that contributes to revitalizing the liquor industry and solving problems.

The campaign sake viva invites people aged between 20 and 39 to submit innovative ideas for reviving the appeal of alcoholic beverages as reported by the independent people can submit new proposals for products and designs compatible with the new ways of living and different tastes that have emerged following a slew of lockdowns and covid restrictions in the last two years.

According to the contests page there is no entry fee to enroll for the competition which also asks people to suggest new sales methods finalists in the competition will be selected by september 27th which will be followed by another round in october the results of this unique project are expected to be announced on November 10th in tokyo.

According to NTA data shows that japanese were drinking less in 2020 after the country was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as compared to the year. In 1995 people were consuming 100 litres of alcohol and now alcohol drinking is down to 75 litres.

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