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"Sleepless Nights" for the Song 'Enjoy Enjami': Nostalgic Statement South Indian Rapper Arivu

Therukural' Arivarasu Kalainesan has protested against the constant neglect of the song 'Enjoy Enjami' which he wrote and produced.

The opening ceremony of the 44th Chess Olympiad held at Mamallapuram was held on July 28 in Chennai. Various art programs were held then. In it the song Enjoy Enjaami written and composed by Arivu, Enjaami was performed by various musicians and dancers.

Thee and Mariammal sang this song at the function. The festival did not feature the street vocal knowledge that the song featured when it was released as an album. As soon as the song was performed, questions were raised on social media about the absence of knowledge.

Therukural Arivu posted an Instagram post about the song that he is constantly being ignored. In the post, he wrote, "Enjoy Enjaami was created, written, sung and performed by myself. No one gave me a single word for it. I went through six months of sleepless, stressful nights to make the song what it is now.

It is without a doubt the greatest work a team has ever done.There is no alternative that everyone should work together for this. But for that, it will not be the story of Valliammal or the story of my ancestor, the landless tea plantation worker. Every song of mine bears the scars of trans-generational oppression, as in this song.

There are thousands of folk songs in this land. Songs that carry the breath, the pain, the life, the love, the resistance, the whole existence of the ancestors. These are beautiful songs that speak to you. The blood and sweat of a generation have become songs of liberating art. We carry that cultural continuity through songs.

"Someone can steal your property while you sleep. But not while awake". Jaibhim. In the end, ignorance will win."

The song Enjoy Enjaami is composed by A.R. It was released in March last year by Rahman's Maja Company. This song was sung by Arivu and singer Thee. The song was composed by Santhosh Narayanan.

The story of his grandmother Valliammal, who went to Sri Lanka as a tea plantation worker, was written as a song. When the song was released, it was a huge hit, both critically and with fans. The song has been listened to 43 crore times on YouTube so far. Spotify, the music app, had 2 million streams in just two weeks. The song is also among the top 10 music videos released in India.

This is not the first time that street voice Arivu has been neglected. Prior to this, the cover image of Rolling Stone India featuring singer Thee and singer Shaun Vincent, was missing. After the controversy Rolling Stone India published a cover image featuring Arivu. In the record now published by Arivu, there is no explicit reference to the boycott of the Chess Olympiad, nor to those responsible for it. He was not immediately available for further comment on the matter as he is currently in the US.

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