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Watsonville: Two Planes Crashed, Three People Die After Collide on Mid-Air in Northern California.

After the accident and audio where you can hear the pilots just before the disaster.

a rare accident in midair, two small planes in abdeadly collision please be advised, we have an accident officials announced they would no survivors, three on board both as they attempted to land in a northern california airport all of a sudden, i saw another plane and they hit each other and it was almost as if the faster plan had gone right through the smaller plane the planes crashed yesterday.

According to the city of watsonville we heard a big crash and saw flames. we looked up and saw the plane, it was smoking controller audio revealed the pilots of the second plane were talking to one another just before the accident. I see you, you are behind me. you are coming at me pretty quick.

Investigation is now underway by the faa. I have been here since july 2011, we have never had a collision of this nature while these accidents are infrequent, they do happen three happened last year and this will be the third one this year.

A former investigator says human error is likely to blame it is really dependent on the pilot and their skills, abilities and knowledge to employ not only the use of the technology but also the use of really, their eyes, because that is what is always about the airport does not have air traffic control to direct planes which is normal for an airport the size.

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