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Three "Planet killer" asteroids detected over last 8 years after being hidden by sun’s brightness

Three asteroids have been discovered close to Earth, two of which are potentially dangerous and could become "planet killers," but don't worry, says a NASA specialist, they aren't expected to harm us.

The three asteroids, which are part of a group found inside the orbits of Earth and Venus, were previously undetected through telescope due to the glare and brightness of the sun, according to results published in the peer-reviewed Astronomical Journal on Monday.

According to the National Science Foundation's NOIRLab, an international team of astronomers examined the asteroids using a dark energy camera from a Victor Blanco 4-metre Telescope after waiting until dusk at a Chilean observatory.

The biggest asteroid is the most hazardous object to prompt a significant risk to Earth in the last eight years, researchers say.

The study reveals a potentially hazardous blind spot: it's challenging to perceive anything approaching from the sun's direction.

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