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"We Can definitely Prevent Student Suicides" Counseling Psychologist Dr. Saras Bhaskar!

"The CBSE schools are already following the requirement to have psychological counselors in the schools. Now, it is a great relief to me personally that the Madras High Court and the Government of Tamil Nadu have understood this..." Psychologist Dr. Saras Bhaskar

Until a few years ago, when the class 10th and 12th pass results were released, we saw a few students committing suicide. But lately we have been going through suicides of students very often. Very recently the incidents of some students committing suicide have shaken Tamil Nadu. Many reasons can be fingered for this, starting from excessive study load to sexual harassment in educational institutions.

In this case, Madras High Court said, 'Students study from morning till night. Students do not have time to socialize with others and engage in extra curricular activities. Government should regulate their learning time. In order to create a good environment in educational institutions, Tamil Nadu government should formulate a policy to appoint psychological counselors for school children in every district.

Prevent student suicide:

We spoke to Consultant Counselor Saras Bhaskar to find out how Counselors can contribute to creating a positive environment in schools and preventing student suicides.

"The CBSE schools are already following the requirement to have psychological counselors in the schools. Now, the fact that the Madras High Court and the Tamil Nadu Government understand this is a great relief to me personally. We are in a bad period where students continue to commit suicide. At this time, students definitely need the advice and guidance of psychological counselors. I am obliged to thank the court for advising the government on this.

"Why do you have suicidal thoughts with your family?"

A terrifying psychological sight!

Counseling is not just about giving advice. Psychological counselors are people who have the necessary education and training to know whether the problem of the concerned students is due to their family, children who disagree, teachers or some other bad incident like sexual harassment.

Alcohol, domestic violence, excessive study load and the problems of students are also changing with the times. Similarly, there are age-related problems. Only those who know all these and are able to provide such advice, guidance and solutions can prevent student suicides. This is where the role of psychological counselors becomes important. It's time for the government and schools to wake up," said Saras Bhaskar, emphasizing her opinion on who should provide psychological counseling.

"Students are the future pillars of society. If those pillars are not to take wrong decisions and resort to suicide, the government should employ experts who have studied psychology, know its tactics and have received training for this work. If GPs (General Practitioner) provide counseling over the phone, the concerned students may find solace at that time or just plain hope that everything will be alright. As a result, it is doubtful whether the suicidal decision of the concerned students can be postponed, but whether it can be permanently removed from their minds.

"Every day is tough" - Hyderabad IIT student meltdown before suicide

Because people who have studied general medicine are not full time education and training in psychology..! Besides, social workers and even public service people counseling students cannot be as intensive as a psychological counselor.

"At this juncture I must also say a word to the psychological counselors. Give more importance to student's reasons and problems than to the schools you work in." concludes psychology consultant Saras Bhaskar.

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