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What Is Breast Cancer? - Types, Signs & Stages, Symptoms Treatments and Surviving Story🎗️

Cancer is the result of mutation of the genes responsible for the growth and health of the cells in the body this abnormal proliferation may occur to the breast cells which is called breast cancer.

Breast cancer cells may continue dividing without a halt resulting in a tumor breast cancer is common to women but men are also susceptible to breast cancer.

People suffering from breast cancer may not show symptoms at all, especially in its early stages but a new lump or mass in the breast can be indicative of breast cancer.

Generally any change to the breast appearance texture and pain can be a sign of breast cancer nipple discharge or redness breast or nipple pain dimpling or swelling of the breasts can also be signs of breast cancer, it has better prognosis once treated in its early stages thus women are advised to undergo routine screening procedures to detect breast cancer earlier.

Monthly breast self-examination, clinical breast examination and mammography are the recommended routine screening procedures to detect breast cancer even without obvious symptoms.

Breast cancer development can be associated with a family history of breast cancer, early onset of menstruation, late menopause, dense breast tissue, exposure to carcinogens, the use of oral contraceptives or drinking excessive alcohol.

Breast cancer has various types some types are ductal carcinoma, lobular carcinoma, mucinous carcinoma, mixed tumors and inflammatory.

Breast Cancer Early Signs And Stages:

Different people have different symptoms of breast cancer some people do not have any signs or symptoms at all firstly you should check if there is any new lump in breast or underarm If you notice anything then don't panic breast lump can be seen due to many other reasons, if the lump is in the armpit region then it could be an enlarged lymph node due to any recent viral infections and scratches or cuts on the hand or arm breast lump that feels squishy like a soft rubber ball are more likely to be benign.

However if the lump feels firm fixed and can't be moved around under the skin then you should consult your doctor next thing to check if you have breast pain or pain around the nipple area for long time it could be an early sign of breast cancer so don't ignore if you have any symptoms like that.

Check if there is any change of your nipple shape and size breast cancer can cause inverted or retracted nipple which you can see in this too could be a warning sign of breast cancer.

Check if there is any discharge from one breast that's clear red brown or yellow other than the milk secretion this could be due to many other reasons like infection cyst papilloma but this too could also be one of the warning signs of breast cancer.

Check the color of the discharge if you find any unexplained redness swelling skin irritation itchiness or rash on the breast then consult your doctor.

Now next important sign is changes in skin texture it could be a thickening and swelling of a part of the breast or dimpling of breast cane don't confuse it with age related creases,

if it is related to an age then it could be seen evenly on both the breasts but if it is present only on one breast then you should consult your doctor these are the important warning signs of breast cancer however you should also watch out for other generalized symptoms like unexplained weight loss poor appetit and visible veins on the breast.

Breast Cancer Treatment:

Breast cancer is dependent on the type of cancer and its stage basic treatment option available to breast cancer patients are surgery which involves the removal of the cancerous tissues radiation therapy that aims to destroy cancer cells by the use of high-energy rays and chemotherapy which treats breast cancer with medications consult your general practitioner whenever you notice any changes in your breasts he or she can examine you and refer you to a specialist if necessary.

Surviving Story:

"i'm Sandhya Bihani, 57 years old and mother of two a daughter and a son, In 2019 when i was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I had my surgery a lumpectomy, also went through chemo after that i had my radiation and now i'm going through my herceptin infusion which will be for at least a year.

I have no history of breast cancer in my family and i said okay before i go see my ob&gy i'm going to have my mammogram and then my routine mammogram test they found it. Doctors recommended biopsy and that's how they found it it was stage one her positive breast cancer.

I'm going through as a cancer patient there are a lot of experts or doctors or care providers who come and speak or share their knowledge and experience is something that i'm looking firsthand so instead of going and buying a book, i trying to read online. My motto is attitude with gratitude if you have the right attitude and at the same time having gratitude for all the people.

Everybody professionals your family, friends who are helping you in this journey to appreciate them and be thankful for everything that you have the future looks so bright" 🫰

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