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What is News Production in Television News Channel - Desk Definition, Process and Objectives

News Production - Definition

Newsroom is a place where both presentation and production of news takes final shape. In newspapers, all pre-production jobs like editing, giving television news story, deciding its place and visual appearance and sound effects etc.

Key objectives of Newsroom:

To discuss the functioning of a television newsroom;

To describe the production process of a news programme;

To analyse the functioning of various desks in a television newsroom; and

To use the vocabulary of a television newsroom.

Package: A package is a full story, Anchor link, Ticker, Breath, VO Voice over, Phone, MCR, PCR, VT, Ingest, fileshot - common visuals.

Newsrooms mainly consist of three desks. These are: Assignment or Input desk, Output desk and Script desk.

All desks computer are connected to all computers of the office through local area network (LANs) and also wide area networks (WANs), so the senior officials of the news channels also remain connected to the office systems from anywhere.

Assignment Desk

Assignment Desk in some channels, in the other channels, it is known as the Input Desk.

Some of the activities that are carried out in assignment desk are Overseeing Reporters, Arranging Visuals, Arranging Phone-in Interviews, Monitoring Other Channels, Story Planning, Forward Planning.

Here the assignment team gather and collect news from local and district reporters through whatsapp and media. Octopus- Splus is a Admin console that are practiced by all disk for news production in the newsroom. Some of other sites news gathered from ANI News and Ndtv and. Social media.

On average 200-300 news are reported by the reporters on across various districts.

Assignment team follow the reporters and filter the news send by the reporters and assigned to the sub-editors for further process. Totally in this channel chennai 10 reporters and more than 200 reporters all over the district.

Sub Editing Desk

Sub-editing are the desk that all news are drafted and scripted by sub-editors for the requirement of television newsroom. Where all news are uploaded in octopus-splus console that the sub-editors edit the script. Here in the sub-editors the edit scripts are written in () parentheses consists with reporter name, news location and story.

Output Desk:

After the sub-editing desk next the news is carried out by output editors, People who are in-charge of news bulletins , whereas in some other channels they are called producers.

As the story is published, the reporter hands it over to the production/ output desk.

Production/output desk can then include that story in a Rundown in the octopus console.

Some of the activities that are carried out in output Desk are Preparing the Rundown, Executing the Rundown, Getting Stories on Air, Information on Screen, Tickers and Breaking news scripts.

Visual Editor/ Production:

Video editor, who is a technical person, checks the edited story visuals, suitable backgrounds and crop relevant clips before it is published for telecast. Major softwares using in this channel are EDIUS, Photoshop, Adobe premiere pro.

GV stratus are the common storage Library where the video editors upload after the production.

Youtube/Social Media:

In this desk the team who manage and organise the social media and youtube. Media manager edit/upload videos, create thumbnails and add titles/ descriptions.

Research/current Affairs:

Research department analyse the news in depth, writting scripts and screen guide for the graphics. They primarily focus on spotlight and AR/VR shows. Script content length should be between minimum 5 minutes depending on the subject.

Graphics/ AR/VR:

Graphics department is divided into two like ONLINE AND OFFLINE. Online designers who work to make news cards, visuals, templates and backgrounds. Offline designers make animations, walls, sting, jackets, 3d models and special ar/vr effects.

News cards are designed on the order of headline, subhead text, content 1, content 2. using the software VIZ Artist(Vizrt) and VIZ pilot edge.

Most significant shows in this channel are spotlight and AR/VR that are work under the graphics department.

Softwares primarily that are used in graphics department are adobe photoshop, after effect, unreal engine and cinema 4d. Here the graphic models that are designed in Adobe maya and blender.

Key shortcuts are primarily focus in softwares and working guide. how to edit, arrange texts and visuals in softwares. The scripts are transferred to the graphics department to the network software octopus-splus and the final output is transferred to stratus.


Production/output person goes to the PCR (production control room) with the Rundown. From there, the final telecast takes place which is entirely a technical process executed by engineers and other technological experts.

PCR Stands for Production control room is the department all the visuals and out news are managed and organised. Here audio background tracker is used to control the final sound before telecast. Switcher is device to arrange and control visuals, bugs, ticker and cards for the final outlink and downlink telecast.


Studio is the place where the news presenter read the news scripts by viewing the prompt it's recorded using high professional cameras. PCR department guide the news presenter while broadcasting news. Greenmat studio are used to record for graphic contents.

MCR stands for Master Control Room, it is the head of newsroom channel in frontend od broadcasting the signal to the satellites. Where the commercial ads are listed in the ITx channel control. Commercial ads are on average durations between the 10-20sec.

Preview and PGM Screen are on the MCR. Audio decibels that are followed on average -20 - -10hz it's divided into two classification Mono and Stereo.

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