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Who will be Kenya's next president? - Tight Race between Raila Odinga and William Ruto for president

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Now to kenya where a runoff vote may be needed as early election results show a tight race between the two main contenders to be the next president the veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga and the deputy president William Ruto appear evenly matched the result is expected later in the week.

These ballot boxes will seal kenya's fate for the next five years after hours of voting described as peaceful kenyans are now waiting to hear who will next lead their country seeing everything is going on well and we want just peace to prevail some kenyans say.

They have little hope in politicians after years in which successive governments failed to meet the country's economic needs disapproval saw voter turnout plunge compared to previous years. especially, among kenya's younger voters but observers say they can only do so much i cannot ramble about turnout you cannot push the CTS to come that's your past time.

Now not mine is they've been allowed to vote nobody was restricted prevented from voting the the process was calm peaceful orderly so if somebody has chosen not to exercise his or her right to to elect their leader.

Well kenyans have returned to daily life while awaiting the results for many memories of violent disputes over election results are not too distant observers hope a quick count will ease any anxieties for now people have gotten used to such panic and like in the previous years.

Business is going on as usual as you can see there are quite a number of people going on with their business because one thing that we need to know is that these politicians are friends and the common people as we talk now cannot in any way try to harm his or her colleague for the first time in kenya's history opposing candidates have vowed to accept results without dispute as the results

near kenyon's hope the promise will hold for


The expectations of his supporters there well the expectations are clear people here want Mr Rutu to win as you rightly said i'm in the one of the strongholds of Mr Ruto so this is elder red and here on the streets people are gathering as you can see behind me they are watching the tv tallying they're having political discussions yesterday night we came here as well to a packed restaurant even though it was cold and raining people were even standing out on the street and talking about the elections and waiting for the results and following the tv telling

so yeah the mood is still calm people are expecting mr ruto to win they are planning celebrations on the streets slaughtering cows here and having a big party one told me he will be very sad of course if if he loses and won't leave his house for three days so expectations are very high here.

Okay boat counting is underway tell us where the projections stand at this point and when we might get a result so at the moment 14 million votes have been cast.

According to the electoral commission but you have to know that from the polling stations which are more than 46000 they go to the constituency telling center then to the country telling center to the nationwide telling center so it takes a time.

Some time for the final result to be published from the electoral commission in the meantime the main three tv networks here are publishing their own telling because the electoral commission has uploaded the forms that have been filled in each polling station so 46000 and have made them public online so everybody can come and download them make their own telling and that's what this networks are doing also some people on social media and some have been already saying okay Mr Ruto has won and so this is also what's what causes anxiety and confusion among kenyans.

These three different networks and they have two different people leading one and one network Raila Odinga is leading and the other one is Ruto is leading and you have to know this in people's memories the post election violence is still fresh

so the confrontation between the kalenjin ethnic community that Mr Ruto hails from and the kikuyu ethnic community which is the largest in the country was very devastating to the people here i mean there have been people killed there have been massacres there have been battles on the streets.

so even though it was in 2007 people here are very aware of that and they really don't want this to happen again when a new president is finally in place, the main tasks that they're going to face upon taking office are the high cost of living and the unemployment the rising food prices have been an issue for months.

Now people tell me they haven't been able to put food on the table they have had to skip one or two meals a day Mr Uhuru Kenyatta the president had to half the price of mayslow which is a staple here per government decree shortly before the election to keep nerves calm and the situation comes in a situation of drought as well kenya is suffering especially the north of a devastating drought four million kenyans are on the brink of starvation and yeah people really hope that next president will help and improve the situation

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