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Why is Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan Controversial? What's Next? US vs China vs Taiwan

"America's solidarity with taiwan is crucial and that is the message we are bringing here today." said Nancy pelosi.

Nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan is controversial because these high-level visits from government officials from other countries are seen to give taiwan some legitimacy.

China considers taiwan as part of its own territory and so it feels that these visits will allow taiwan to establish itself as separate from china.

China from the very start had said that they did not want this visit to happen, they did not want nancy pelosi on taiwan soil. After 30 minutes Nancy pelosi landed in taiwan, china announced they were going to do these massive military drills and they made sure that taiwan and the rest of the world knows that this is not just the regular military exercises that they do to flex their muscles.

This is something much more and it is worrying the ministry of defense here the one china policy, is there's one chinese government and at one point that was the government, that was sitting here in taiwan but that became the government sitting in beijing and that is now the government, that the united states recognize which means that government in beijing for the chinese communist party's government will be representing china and in this case this china includes even this part of the world taiwan which is why a lot of countries have to choose or forced to choose between diplomatic relations with beijing or diplomatic relations with taipei.

The US has a an act a law which requires it by law to help taiwan defend itself and protect itself should it be invaded, so it's that fine line that the US is balancing what will happen to the US & China relations from here.

Yes, you know most likely a lot of heated words a lot of rhetoric the US will condemn china for taking that kind of military action for intimidating taiwan, if china takes it further then and that is a different question because if china takes it into that, territory of where it's going to be conflict with taiwan then relations have completely broken up.

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