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Wiktionary vs mydictionary (TamilPelai): Which is Better? - Top Difference You Should Know

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Vocabulary is the foundation of language. In a nutshell, vocabulary is important because it’s the basis of all language. It’s the raw building blocks that we can use to express our thoughts and ideas, share information, understand others and grow personal relationships.

As Paul Nation (2015) noted in his paper on vocabulary learning: “Vocabulary is not an end in itself. A rich vocabulary makes the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing easier to perform. To improve the vocabulary, dictionary is the first most things to grab on.

In the Modern era digital plays significant on education system that's increase the online dictionary users. Right platforms can create right way to seek knowledge. In this article we'll discuss the best online dictionary in tamil language comparison with its competitors.

Wiktionary and Mydictionary both are online dictionary libraries which the provide immense alphabetic knowledge and experience.

Wiktionary is multi language dictionary platforms which is controlled by wikipedia. -

Mydictionary was founded and controlled by Dr. Thamizhpparithi Maari, Professor of Periyar University, Salem with a collaboration David Sagairasu, Buchoon High School, Singapore. -

TamilPhelai is a union, is a repository of Tamil alphabets dictionary that includes literary terms, artistic scientific terms, and, proverbs, etc on Tamil-Tamil, English-Tamil basis. Consists of Dictionar, Proverb, Story, Thread, Movie and magazine.

It includes 62 dictionaries and art science terms for 200 fields. And it's designed to look at one lakh dictionary definitions for a word on one page.

Wiktionary is one of the most popular websites that people use to look up words. However, Wiktionary has far fewer Tamil words (3.57 lakh) than English words (62 lakh). To reduce this shortcoming, there is ' TamilPelai '. In other words, more than 7 lakh Tamil words have been incorporated into them. This is more than Tamil words recorded in all other dictionaries.

TamilPhelai is more comprehensive and faster as compared to other dictionaries. The alphabets of the term looking for is available within a couple of seconds Results are more fined and Highly standard where it consists of word department, Thirukkural Dictionary. depending on the speed of the internet. Works of alphabets provided in Tamilpeha Project are shared under a Creative Commons license.

TamilPelai can be use by anyone non-commercial lexicon for free of cost. The web address of Tamil Phelai mydictionary is

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